The Ecotopia Water conservation team

About Aqua activism ~

Whether it's as simple as forgetting to turn off the tap while brushing or as detrimental to completely eradicating precious water bodies through years of ignorance and continued pollution, the fight to conserve water has been a perpetual struggle. While only 3% of the total water available to us on earth is actually suitable for drinking, we still treat water as a luxury instead of a scarce resource, probably because we either don't know much about it, or how important it is to conserve it, or how we can conserve it sustainability.

This is where Aqua Activism comes in. Passionate about giving 100% to something that makes 62% of us, Aqua Activism is a student-led initiative that aims to spread awareness on the importance of water sanitation, conservation, and prevention, and also dive into first-hand volunteer and fundraising projects to make a long-lasting impact in our community. Through our talented network of team members, we all hope to not only help those less fortunate to better understand the scarcity of clean water, but also develop projects and resources to help them conserve it, and other drying water bodies around Mumbai, aiming to give life back to what gives us life.

Jiya Chhugera

Section Head

Jayveer Kochhar

Section Sub-Head