Reviving Roots

The Ecotopia Afforestation team

About Reviving Roots~

“A tree is the best friend of man on earth.” When we use trees respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on earth. They are considered to be the most benevolent givers in nature, this is why they are rightfully called the ‘lungs of the earth.’ Life on earth would cease to exist in the absence of trees. We can’t stop the world from cutting down trees, but we can definitely take action to regain our lost environment.

Additionally, we as a group can plan interactive and creative activities which a range of age groups can do such as making posters, paper recycling, educating the underprivileged on the importance of afforestation and planting saplings with them.

Abhinav Nair

Section Head

Mahishi Mururka

Section Head

Dhrishit Khandhar

Section Sub-Head