Thrift Shop

The Ecotopia clothes recycling team

About Thrift Shop~

Consumerism is one of the biggest issues that we tackle in terms of sustainability today. In terms of the fast-fashion industry, we produce several tonnes of waste and cause immense amounts of damage to the planet. We are extremely passionate about our cause and promoting thrifting as the primary medium of shopping for fashion and accessories. We hope to channel creativity, personal style and uniqueness in our club and create a more sustainable future for JNIS and create a stable thrifting culture in school.

The mission of the Thrift Shop club is to convert today's generation from our addiction to consumerism in terms of fashion and accessorising to become more pro-thrifting and thrift friendly. Our aim is to have an in-school thrift shop that focuses on the theme of “exchange”, a sustainable fashion show and connect with charities to expand our reach and influence the community as a whole. The Thrift Shop promotes our vision of the three R’s - reusing, restyling and revolutionising fashion.

Kavya Dhruva

Section Head

Twisha Furia

Section Sub-Head