Tetrapack Innovation

The Ecotopia Tetrapack Recycling team

About Tetrapak innovation ~

From juice cartons to milk cartons, tetra-paks are omnipresent. It is a household staple that is almost always overlooked. Tetra-pak innovation aims to change this.

The widespread obliviousness with regards to tetra-pak recycling and constant ignorance towards the environment is alarming. The team endeavours to make tetra-pak recycling a regular practice in every household. With the goal of collecting 1000 tetra-paks and creating awareness using posters and videos in parallel, the tetra-pak innovation team aims to change the way we see this seemingly irrelevant object. By partnering up with RUR green life, the tetra-pak innovation team will ensure that each tetra-pay will be recycled into something useful.

Naavya Sheth

Section Head

Tashvi Kapoor

Section Sub-Head