Tetrapack Innovation

The Ecotopia Tetrapack Recycling team

About Tetrapak innovation ~

Tetrapaks are everywhere, from juice cartons to milk cartons. It is a common home item that is frequently forgotten. Tetra-pak innovation aims to change this. The widespread ignorance regarding tetra-pak recycling and the constant negligence towards the environment is concerning. TetraPak makes use of materials such as paper, wood fibre, aluminium, and polyethylene. This type of packaging is single-use only and poses an environmental risk. Our landfills are overflowing with packaging garbage. It pollutes our air and contributes to climate change when burned. It also winds up in our seas, exposing marine life to it.

Tetrapaks are ubiquitous, from juice cartons to milk cartons. Tetra-pak innovation team is working hard to make tetra-pak recycling a habit in every home. The team aims to collect as many tetrapaks as possible and create posters and videos to spread awareness. The tetra-pak innovation team will ensure that each tetra-pak is recycled into something useful by collaborating with RUR green life.

Diva Savla

Section Head

Mittali Agarwal

Section Sub-Head